Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering


About the department

The Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering at Indus Institute of Technology & Engineering (IIT&E) was established in the year 2006. The department offers B. Tech programme in Metallurgical Engineering, M. Tech programme in Materials technology, Welding Technology and Ph.D. programme.

The department plays a vital role in teaching and research in materials and metallurgy. It has highly qualified academic staff members with industry and international exposure and laboratory staff members. The department’s research activities cover all major areas of the programme, and this extent is reflected in the scope of the increasingly popular four year B. Tech programme. The emphasis in teaching B. Tech programme is always on the underlying principles, which apply to the whole range of engineering materials like metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. The courses are integrated with theory sessions, laboratory sessions, tutorial sessions, minor and major research projects in small groups. The department has a unified approach in teaching and industry interaction through visits to industrial facilities, speakers from industry, semester-long industry internship and on/off campus placements. Besides, guests are invited from other institutions, laboratories, and industries to share their experiences and teach specialized topics in different courses.

The department has well-equipped laboratories, which are upgraded continuously, and course curriculum updated to match the changing needs of present industries. As the demand of the skilled human resource in the industry is rising very fast day by day due to the globalization of the Indian economy, the department strives hard to fulfill these requirements.

The department has a strong alumni network for sustainable growth. The graduates of the department have always been well placed in reputed institutions, laboratories and industries with high positions. The department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is continuing to grow and remains one of the leading departments for the study of materials.

Vision of the department

Imparting quality and value based education in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering to groom the overall personality of students to meet the societal and industrial challenges at large and also to carry out research work for advanced materials and metallurgical engineering applications.

Mission of the department

To train the students through hands-on practice based learning to make them familiar with various materials and metallurgical processes and their applications in the field of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

To develop the course curriculum to cater the need of materials and metallurgical industries, requisite for higher education and other need based opportunities.

To train students for a broad range of career opportunities by providing ample flexibility within the program of study to enable interest-driven specialization, program customization, and educational experimentation.

To develop the students to participate as leaders in a diverse global workplace and provide them with an awareness of the environmental, societal and ethical implications of engineering practice.


B. Tech (Metallurgical Engineering)

The B. Tech programme in Metallurgical Engineering aims to provide fundamental knowledge to students in all the fields of metallurgical engineering – starting from ore beneficiation, extraction of metals and refining. It focuses on respective ores to its uses and applications of these alloys of metals in various shapes, sizes and forms in industries, transport, defense, domestic, aviation, agriculture, etc. to make them employable in industries and other sectors. It prepares students to pursue higher education in a specialized field in India and abroad. To augment the undergraduate learning process, the department keenly follows the university’s tag line ‘Where Practice Meets Theory.’

M. Tech (Materials Technology)

The growth and progress of a nation are based on the development of new metals and materials. Thus, Materials Technology has emerged as a unique programme in Engineering and Technology. The M. Tech programme in Materials Technology examines the structure, properties, and processing of metals and advanced materials like polymers, ceramics, and composites, etc. and then applies knowledge to the design of new materials. The application of materials, a study of microstructures and its correlation with mechanical and other properties., etc. to shape the minds of the students towards research and to make them employable in research and development laboratories and industries for product and process development.

M. Tech (Welding Technology)

Welding and joining is an important aspect in almost all manufactured products from custom products like pressure vessels, aircraft, ships and medical devices to high volume products like automotive parts, appliances, food packaging and micro-electronics etc. As new products, manufacturing methods and materials are developed, suitable welding and joining processes and procedures must be adopted. The programme is designed to produce plant level Welding Technology post graduates, are involved in the concept, design and engineering of weldments and implementation of welding processes. The overall knowledge of weldments and the ability to engineer, welding and joining systems produces post graduates are in a great demand and highly compensated. The programme is career orienting in nature that opens many scope.

Faculty - Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. M. Panigrahi
Extractive Metallurgy

D K Basa
Powder Metallurgy

Gaurav Avasthi
Nano Technology

Monil Salot
Foundry Technology

Disha Vekaria
Nuclear Metallurgy

Gopi Dave
Foundary Technology​

Department Facilities


The department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering imparts formal education in the field of materials and metallurgical engineering along with hands-on practice. The department is equipped with sophisticated instruments such as image analysis system, metallurgical microscope, spectrometer, complete foundry sand testing facility, mineral processing equipment, induction melting unit and heat treatment furnaces. To achieve the same, well-equipped laboratories, central and departmental libraries are available to support students throughout the course of their studies. Faculty members and students are encouraged to carry out research and industry-oriented projects.

Foundry and Welding Lab

Foundry laboratory is equipped with all foundry sand testing equipment. Hands-on practice on foundry technology is provided through “Indus Foundry Training and Research Centre” (IFTARC). The Welding Laboratory is housed with TIG and MIG welding facility for metal joining processes. Experiments on welding are performed with the above machines together with hands-on practice.

Non-Destructive Testing and Corrosion Lab

This Laboratory is equipped with basic Non–Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment for testing such as liquid penetrant testing (LPT), magnetic particle testing (MPT) and ultrasonic testing (UT). The students carry out experiments using these equipments. Corrosion experiments are performed relating to deposition by electrolytic method and dissolution under various electrolytes. Wide range of samples of various metals and alloys for demonstration – on degradation due to corrosion in different environments are available.

Heat Treatment and Physical Metallurgy Lab

Microstructural study of various metals and alloys including the determination of volume fractions of phases and their distribution are carried out by the UG and PG students using microscopes and image analysis system, and facility of furnaces for the heat treatment of metals and alloys under controlled atmosphere are available in this laboratory. This facility is used for regular practical sessions, B. Tech projects, and M. Tech dissertations.


Process Metallurgy Lab

Mineral dressing and mineral processing are two crucial components in process metallurgy. Its laboratory is equipped with mineral dressing equipments such as jaw crusher, roll crusher, ball mill, sieve shaker, and floatation cell. With regard to mineral processing, drier, mixer, pelletizer and sintering/firing units are available. The students can get hands-on experience and carry out various experiments with the help of these equipments.

Activities of the Department

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