Department of Computer Engineering


About the department

In the era of computers, digitization, and online applications, computer technology has become a necessity for every individual. Computers have become a vital gadget in several sectors like healthcare, education, intelligence, space, science, medical, finance, banking and many more. With a massive growth in demand for computers in every part of the world Computer Engineering field is in boom and will be in need in future too.

The computer engineering department of IITE offers B. Tech. programme in computer engineering, and B. Tech programme in computer science & engineering. It also offers a Ph.D. in computer engineering.  The department follows the outcome-based learning approach to achieve programme educational objectives (PEOs) which light our motto, ‘Where Practice Meets Theory.’

The department focuses not only on the theoretical aspects but emphasize the overall development of the students. It conducts various co-curricular activities such as informative workshops, industrial visits to companies such as E-Infochips, Software Industries, Forensic Science Laboratory Gandhinagar, etc. It makes the student industry ready with all practical experience. Expert talks on new technologies, technical events like coding competition, hackathon, spoken tutorial certification programme by IIT Bombay, Oracle academy certification programme along with productive debates and group discussions are planned at regular intervals. We believe, such activities along with exposure to several projects prepare students to meet the demands of Industry or existing market.

The department aims to prepare students for various job opportunities like software development, network, and security, database administration, multimedia design. It also gives a pathway for further studies and research. The department has research capabilities in various domains like Big data analytics, data mining, machine learning, computer networking, advance algorithms, and data structures.


Vision of the department

To enable Computer Engineering Graduates with the capabilities and competencies of recognizing and solving societal and environmental problems using their field knowledge & developing the critical thinking of working upon innovative ideas leading to good start-ups.

Mission of the department

To develop the students as per the Industry needs with both field specific and decision making skills, enabling them to handle real time problems.

To provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of subjects needed for real time problem solution.

To cultivate the habit of viewing a concept from the application perspective and enabling them to recognize the key areas of research and application development for societal benefits.

To enable and encourage the students to develop the critical thinking of setting up start-ups for their innovative ideas.

B. Tech (Computer Engineering)

Computer Engineering combines the academic disciplines of electronics engineering and computer science to develop new computer systems. Computer engineering graduate combine their understanding of computer hardware and software to develop new computer components or improving existing design. Computer engineering programmes prepare graduates for highly valued, lucrative careers in design, development, research & testing of hardware and software.

B. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

The discipline of CS&E has core strengths in the areas of algorithms, complexity theory, machine learning, data mining, data science, cryptography, network security, computer vision and graphics, and computer architecture. These, combined with a number of ongoing industrial collaborations, including ones with (TCS, ISRO), will help the students prepare for the career of their choice.

B. Tech (Information Technology)

The program aims to provide exposure to students who wish to build a professional career in IT, working at the cutting edge of technology, research and development. On successful completion of the program, the students will be able to acquire essential technical and practical knowledge for solving real-world problems in the IT domain using modern technologies and tools, and will have ability to demonstrate excellent analytical, logical and problem solving skills that would bridge the digital divide between urban and rural developments.

Faculty - Department of Computer Engineering

Dr Seema Mahajan
Data Mining

Bhoomi Trivedi
Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Jignesh S Patel
Cloud Computing

Manisha Valera
Data Mining, Compiler Design

Roshni Patel
Computer Networks & security

Zalak Trivedi
Data Structure, Data Mining

Divyesh Joshi
Data mining

Madhvi Bera
Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Sejal Thakkar
Database, Software Engineering

Dhaval Patel
Data Mining

Naiswita Parmar

Kavita Pandya
Computer networks & System architecture

Department Facilities


The department has modern laboratories with 600+ computers equipped with the latest tools and technologies. Further, it has MOUs with various companies, which can help to enhance the academic and research purpose. This department strives to produce the best computer engineers who can make a difference to the society with their aptitude and intellect.

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