Information Technology

Information Technology

Informtiona Technology

An undergraduate degree in Information Technology Engineering equips students to utilize existing operating systems, software and applications in tandem to create a larger system that solves a specific business problem.

Students who graduate with an Engineering Degree in Information Technology liaison with clients to solve their technology related problems, work with executives and business owners to construct technology plans to meet their needs.

IT students will study network and database design in depth, and receive an introduction to basic theory and applied mathematics. Scholars are skilled with hands-on experience with latest software technology and application software. Successful IT candidates will possess critical thinking skills.

Careers in Information Technology

At every level, scholars can pursue an opening in the field of software testing, software-coder, software marketing and client requirement analyst.  Over the next decade, career opportunities in IT are expected to grow faster than average as our country is moving towards paperless and service-at-your-desk system of work.

Some of the interesting opportunities may be

  • Information security analysts- IT security analysts work to prevent cyber-attacks by monitoring their business’s network and to create emergency plan in the event of an attack.
  • Network architect- Sometimes called network engineers, these IT professionals design and build communication networks from small areas to large regions.
  • Computer support specialists- Support specialists provide advice and troubleshooting help to individuals and businesses that have questions about their software or hardware systems.
  • Database administrators- DBAs use software and programs to organize and store data for businesses that range from financial firms to shipping companies.
  • Systems administrators- System administrators conduct the day-to-day maintenance and operation of a business’s networks, including computer networks and other communication systems.