Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science adn Engineering - Indus University

Indus University’s undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering focuses on the advanced theories of software, operating systems and implementation. It is aimed to make students adept in programming languages, linear and discrete mathematics & software design, which will make them more acceptable in software development & research related field.

Careers in Computer Science & Engineering

The progressive field of Computer Science & Engineering creates immense opportunities for personal and professional growth. Students can opt for any of these career paths-

  • Applications software developer- Being the creative minds behind applications and programs, software developers design and build programs and applications for computers and gadgets.
  • Systems engineer- Operating system and device driver programs provide the foundation for computers and devices to function. Microsoft Windows, Linux and iOS are examples of types of operating systems. Systems engineers design and create those types of systems for use in personal computers, phones and even vehicles.
  • Web developer- Web developers program the code that makes a website function. Web developers integrate the graphics, audio and video into the site and monitor the site’s traffic, performance and capacity.