Automobile Engineering

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 Automobile Engineering

The department was established with an undergraduate program in automobile engineering in 2006.

The study of automobile engineering is mainly related to design, development, fabrication, testing and components of the vehicles from their conceptual to realization stage. It also focuses on integration of basic and fundamental concepts of mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer and safety engineering aspects to realize a vehicle satisfying the critical, complex and diverse levels of satisfaction of its users.

Specifically automobile engineering is related to topics of production & design focusing on testing, coordination and system analysis of the vehicle development associated with performance, durability, operation of the vehicle; manufacturing dealing with fabrication and assembly of the diverse components of automobile.

The discipline is wide open for critical research activities involving direct applications of advanced mathematics.

The department is well equipped with laboratories like Automobile Engines Laboratory, Automobile Systems Laboratory, Vehicle Maintenance & Garage Practice Laboratory Automobile Component Laboratory, Two Wheeler & Three Wheelers Laboratory, Automobile Electrical & Electronics Laboratory, Automobile Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Laboratory, Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory, Processes I &II Laboratory.


To inculcate skills in design, production, operation, maintenance of components of automobiles and to develop human resources with hands-on skill and knowledge so as to enable them to become automobile professionals.


Duration Course Intake
4 Years B Tech Automobile Engineering 60


Teaching Scheme





The place where practical experiments and performance measurement of I.C.Engine is carried out by students to train them in performance of various experiments on different engines.

Major Equipments

  • 2 Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig

  • 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig

  • 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

  • MPFI Engine Test Setup

  • Exhaust Gas Analyzer (P.U.C Certification Apparatus)

  • Two Stroke Petrol Engine with Four Spark Plug Test Rig

  • Single Cylinder Diesel Test Rig

  • Single Cylinder Petrol Engine (Pulsar Engine)

  • 2 Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Cut Section Model


The Lab is mainly used for demonstrations and comprehension of basic principles of Automobile Systems.

Major Equipments 

  • Gear Box (Sliding Mesh.& Constant Mesh)

  • Fluid Flywheel

  • Hydraulic Brake components

  • Steering Linkages

  • Clutch Plate Unit

  • Automatic Transmission Cut section

  • Cross Chassis Assembly

  • Transfer Box

  • Diesel Fuel Pump

  • Full Supply System of Petrol Engine & Diesel Engine

  • Cooling System of an Automobile

  • Lubricating System of an Automobile

  • Suspension System


The Lab is mainly used to gain the first hand exposure on exercises of wheel balancing and wheel alignment and other garage related problems & techniques.

Major Equipments

  • Wheel Balancing Equipment

  • Tires With Wheel Rim

  • Wheel Alignment Apparatus

  • Cylinder Bore Measurement

  • Car – Assembly & Dismantling

  • Diesel Injector Cleaning Machine

  • Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester


The place is mainly used for the Design & Measurement of varied components used in Automobile Vehicles.

Major Equipments

  • Piston

  • Crank shaft

  • Cylinder head

  • Steering Assembly

  • Exhaust system

  • Radiator

  • Cam shaft

  • Gear box

  • Cylinder block


This Lab exhibits practical demonstrations & exercises to provide an introduction to the Basics and Fundamentals of a two & three wheeler technology.

Major Equipments

  • Bike front suspension system with disk brake & stand

  • YO bike with cut section
  • Hybrid sunny scooter
  • Two Wheeler Engine


Usage of this Lab includes comprehension of basic principles of automobile electronics & electrical system, its diagnosis & repairing of electrical components by the fourth semester of B.Tech Program.

Major Equipments

  • Growler Tester
  • Alternator test bench
  • Working model of YO bike motor
  • Regenerative Braking system
  • Automobile Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Tester


The place where Practical Exercises and Demonstrations are carried out for introducing the concepts of basic refrigeration cycles, refrigerants use, psychometric operations, components of refrigeration system, trouble shooting techniques for electrical and mechanical problems, best practices regarding refrigerant use and impact on the environment, cooling and heating load calculations.

Major Equipments

  • Vapor Absorption Refrigerator
  • Mechanical Heat Pump
  • Refrigeration test rig
  • Air Conditioning Test Ring
  • Ice Candy Maker
  • Force Draught Cooling Tower



With a bachelors’ degree in automobile engineering, our students stand great chance in getting employed by leading automobiles manufacturers.

Also, the way automobiles industries are growing in Gujarat especially Ahmedabad; it will only provide adequate opportunities to the students in near future as Indus is one of the fewest colleges to offer Automobile Engineering degree.