M.Tech (CAD/CAM)

About M.Tech (CAD/CAM)

Mechanical engg

Computer Aided Manufacturing is a speciality branch of Mechanical Engineering that employs wide range of Computer based tools and techniques assisting engineers in design and manufacturing endeavours. Geometrical modelling, analysis, optimisation, validation and simulation are some of the well-known concepts involved in the study of Computer Aided Manufacturing and Manufacturing.


 Career Opportunities

CAD/CAM engineers find opportunities in production and manufacturing environments which employ software tools and techniques for rapidization of their activities.

Mission - Mechanical Engineering

To develop graduates knowledgeable as well skilled in the speciality areas of design, thermal, and manufacturing specialities of Mechanical Engineering with a comprehensive knowledge of PLM concepts, so as to enable him/her to varieties of professional environments irrespective of the discipline.


Laboratories - M.Tech (CAD/CAM)


A CAD laboratory is equipped with high configured computing machines with facilities of CAD software like; CADIAN, AutoCAD, Iron CAD, ALGOR, Edge CAM, Programming languages etc. Full access to internet and web based resources like e-journals are also available to the students. The learning resources of this laboratory develop software capabilities among students, which make their professional career challenging and job oriented.

A CAM centre equipped with CNC lathe and CNC mill linked with manufacturing software. Also, a sophisticated Articulated 6 – axis Robot is available. The need of this laboratory is to coordinate design with manufacturing, where students can develop manufacturing programs and virtually run on software to understand real practices with available CNC machines.