Vision & Mission

Indus University



Indus University will be a Nationally Acclaimed University - Amongst the Best Universities of Our Country - for Academic Excellence, Professional Relevance, Research and Innovation in Socially Relevant Thrust Areas, Seamlessly Integrating Indian Values and Global Ethos, Satisfying All Its Stake Holders.


To Offer Quality Technical and Management Education to the Members of Its Community in the Best Traditions of Creative and Innovative Teaching - Learning Process Encompassing the Philosophy ''Where Practice Meets Theory'' by Ensuring State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Attracting Competent and Qualified Human Resources who will Engage in Research and Development Activities Aimed for Building the University.

Quality Policy

Continuous Upgradation of Course Curriculum and Regular Academic Auditing Processes and Procedures to meet Skilled Human Resource Requirements of the Society.

Why Choose Indus

Professional Courses: Students have an option to choose from a variety of courses from Engineering, Business Management, Aviation, Architecture, and Information and Communication Technology at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Campus: Indus has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, which are continuously upgraded.

Campus Location : Indus campus is located in the outskirts of west Ahmedabad. Indus provides bus transportation to students and faculties. The campus is also served by public transportation.

Office of Student Affairs: Indus has dedicated office of student affairs which is headed by a senior faculty member to focus on progressive and holistic development of students. It assists in students evaluation of quality of academic and non-academic deliverables at Indus University. This office is also responsible for upgradation of students life on campus which includes health and wellness, sports, cultural, and recreational activities.

Global Collaborations: Indus is actively involved in developing teaching and research collaborations with international institutions and Industries.

Indus Center for Research, Innovation and Skill Development (ICRISD): Knowledge, Research, Innovation and Skill Development are the pillars on which world is growing. ICRISD has been established by Indus University with industry collaboration to develop leading edge innovations and perform international level skill development for all sectors of Indian industry and society.

Green Initiative: Indus has its own solar energy power plant of 120 KW capacity in collaboration with Etain IMMODO Renewables Ltd. Spain. This helps in the augmentation of energy needs of the campus.


  • To establish state-of-the-art infrastructure for applied research and innovation.

  • To organize and disseminate knowledge through teaching.

  • To offer a wide range of programs and courses in Engineering, Business Management, Aviation, Architecture, and Information and Communication Technology.

  • To promote cooperation between industry, faculty, students, alumni and parents.

  • To create an ambiance in which young minds can blossom as innovators and entrepreneurs.


Learning not interfering with education and profession not interfering with the passion makes a person a complete professional. Keeping this view in mind Indus University has embarked on a progressive path to provide professional education in diverse disciplines of Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, Architecture, Aviation Technology and Information Technology to ensure that the successful students of these programs shall translate themselves as professionals rather than professional degree holders - the need and requirement of the modern day ruthlessly competitive professional environments. Course curriculum related to practice is retuned in consonance with the theory with respect to all the programs offered in the University.